5 Amazing Cake Ideas for Your Teenager & Tween

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teen birthday cake ideas

Is your teenager getting ready for a birthday, special occasion or important event? Will they be celebrating with a cake? I’ve put together a list of 5 amazing cake ideas for teenagers that you can create in your own home, to get ready for your teen’s big day. 

A favorite teen birthday cake may include a specific shape or flavors, bright colors, fresh fruits, a themed cake or specific designs.  As you can see, there really is no right birthday cake!

With so many options for cake decorations and cake design to choose from, the perfect cake comes down to what your teen will love the most as they celebrate their  birthday.

cake ideas for teenagers

5 Cake Ideas for Teenagers

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are 5 teen birthday cake ideas, based on some of my favorites, for your teen girl or teen boy’s next special day.

1. Birthday Funfetti Cake

Most teenagers want to mark their birthdays with a specific cake, whether it is a pretty cake, a cake made from scratch, or a fancy bakery cake topped with fondant.

A popular choice for birthday cakes is a Funfetti Cake. Funfetti Cakes are typically plain vanilla cakes filled with rainbow sprinkles and topped with frosting, and even more sprinkles.

They are easy to make at home and can be made as sheet cakes, layered cakes or even cupcakes.  To add to their versatility, Funfetti Cakes can be made from scratch, a box, or bought at a bakery/supermarket.

Funfetti Cake

Making your own Funfetti Cake can be a creative way to incorporate a birthday theme. There are so many different types and colors of sprinkles that can be baked into the cake to personalize it and make it unique for your teen’s birthday celebration.

Follow this easy recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, for all the step-by step instructions you need to make a sprinkle-filled Funfetti Cake. The recipe will also give you the directions to make a light and creamy vanilla buttercream frosting that balances perfectly with your Funfetti Cake. Top off the cake with your favorite sprinkles to show a bit of your own design flair.

2. Chocolate Cake

There are many chocolate cakes, and choosing just one can be hard. Does your teenager want a cake with chocolate frosting, whipped cream, chocolate ganache, candy, or cookies? How about the flavor and texture of your chocolate cake?  So many possibilities!  It’s really hard to pick the best.

chocolate cake

I have baked a lot of different chocolate cakes with teens over the years. Based on their feedback, I’d say that everyone’s favorite was a layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and Oreo cookies.

I love this cake so much that I’ve created a teen baking class based on this chocolate cake recipe from Brown Eyed Baker. To make it teen-baker-friendly, we topped it with crushed Oreos and left off the white chocolate glaze. Even with some of the components left out, it still makes a rich and flavorful chocolate cake, adored by teens.

There is a lot of room for creativity when making this cake. And did I say it was delicious? You can’t see it, but hiding inside is a layer of cream cheese and Oreo filling.

3. Kit Kat Cake

Years ago, I made a Kit Kat Cake for a potluck and it was a huge hit. In fact, this cake has become a favorite cake for many teens that I have taught baking to.  A parent recently told me that her teenage daughter had just made this cake for her younger sister. It made me smile to think that this cake is still so popular.

birthday cake ideas for teens

Kit Kat Cakes remind me of fancy Charlotte Cakes, but with a twist for teenagers. Instead of tying lady fingers with a bow, Kit Kat candy bars are used and then wrapped in a bow. It’s so festive and perfect for birthday parties.

It’s also a great cake to personalize. The cake can be any flavor, just choose one that goes well with Kit Kat candy bars. You can pick any color bow, preferably a bright color, and even top it with some M&M’s to make it even more celebratory.

Teenagers will have fun accessorizing their Kit Kat Cakes.  How do you think your teen would choose to decorate their Kit Kat Cake? Comment below, I would love to know.

I follow these directions when I want to bake  a Kit Kat Cake from sratch.  To make a semi-homemade version, I start with a store-bought pound cake, frost it, then decorate it with the Kit Kats, and a bow.

In case you’ve never seen one, a Charlotte Cake is a pastry found in bakeries. There are many different variations, but it might look something like this: 

4. Cookie Cake

Not a cookie and not a cake…it’s a Cookie Cake. It’s super fun to make a cookie cake. The best way to describe a Cookie Cake is that it is a one-layer cake with frosting.  The texture is crunchy, like a cookie. It’s a bit of a mashup between a cookie and cake. Mrs. Fields Cookies made them famous, back in the day. The latest homemade updates have made them even more delicious. 

Cookie Cakes are perfect for a barbecue, picnic or pool party. They don’t need to be refrigerated before serving, and are easy to transport.

You will find recipes for Cookie Cakes in lots of flavors from chocolate chip to sugar to funfetti. They are easy to make and only require a few ingredients. You could even make a few different kinds for all of your party guests to enjoy. 

One other thought would be to skip the frosting altogether, or add toppings like sprinkles, M&M’s, crushed cookie, whatever you like to make it your own, and a favorite for your teen.

Sugar Cookie Cake

For a birthday party, you could add a cake topper and not have to worry about fancy decorations.  A Cookie Cake really is versatile, and can be a great cake to make for all of your special occasions.

A close cousin to the Cookie Cake is the Cookie Pie. I alternate between making Cookie Cakes and Cookie Pies on a regular basis. A Cookie Pie has a cookie (or graham cracker base) and is filled with a similar cookie-textured dough. They are a little softer in texture, somewhat like a Blondie Bar.

To learn how easy it is to make a cookie pie, you can download my free class, Ooey, Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie. I’ll show your teenager all the steps needed to make one on their own. They will be amazed at the dessert they can make.

5. Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cakes come in many shapes and sizes. You can often buy them at your favorite ice cream shop or local supermarket. You can find layered ice cream cakes, rolled cakes, and even like an ice cream pie with a crust.

Has your teen ever made an ice cream cake? What’s needed most when making an ice cream cake is patience. You often have to freeze the parts over time, especially if you are using multiple ice cream flavors.

teen birthday cake ideas

To make a simple ice cream cake, all you need to do is add ice cream to a pie crust, top with hot fudge, or caramel, add whipped cream and a topping of crushed cookie, candy, or nuts. For more detailed tips on how to make your own ice cream cake, check out this helpful tutorial.

When you make an ice cream cake, you’ll be thinking, “summer in a cake!” and your teenagers will be thanking you and saying “it’s the best cake ever!”


Whichever cake you choose you can’t go wrong with these 5 amazing cake ideas for teenagers. The right choice will be the cake that your teenager will love the most. Whether you are having a birthday party theme or hosting a party outside of the home, the choices are endless. These 5 cake ideas are an easy way to celebrate their special day, and are simple enough to be made at home.

Perhaps these ideas will spark your teen’s creative side and they will want to try their hand at making one themselves.

If they do, be sure to let me know! I’d love to see a photo of their birthday cake creations.


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